Why my favorite room is the study room

We moved to a new house exactly three months ago today and I’m loving the feel and the positive vibe of our new home. When we were scouting for a house to move in permanently, (this is our ninth move, and most probably the last) we considered a lot of details like main entrance facing the East, an open kitchen counter, a bath tub in the masters’ bathroom, more closets in the girls’ bedroom, girls’ own bathroom, a powder room by the hallway, a porch instead of a balcony, a small garden where we can hold a barbecue party, and a study room.

The study room should be overlooking the garden. Thank God, we found a house that fulfilled our fancies, however, it didn’t have a bath tub in the masters’ bedroom. Nevertheless, I particularly loooove the study room. I guess I can say that it is my favorite room. We made sure that the study room would be a ┬áconducive place to work in but not too comfortable to doze off in. It’s like a mini library/study/artwork area. I guess it was originally meant to be an extra room or a guest room but my husband and I agreed that it would be a study room.

We had shelves built in for our books and files, and a drawing board assembled for the girls who love to draw and paint. An easel stands in the corner next to the large window overlooking the garden. A desk stands in the middle of the room and underneath it is a natural hand braided jute rug. On top of the desk is my husband’s iMac, a blue bankers lamp, and a pen holder made out of an empty can which my daughters painted as a Father’s Day present for him when they were six years old. On the walls hang frames of pictures my husband took of us in our trips to beaches, camps, and different countries; and the girls’ paintings and drawings throughout the years. Our study room somehow contains all the things we love doing as a family. It’s the reason why it is my favorite room in the house.