First Day In The House – Calling All Locksmiths!

First day in the new house today. So as always there’s many things to do when you just moved in. I am the type who is very organised. I would have everything that’s need to be done in a list.. one by one. Call me crazy but that’s how I roll!

Here’s a short version of the list:

  • Getting a removal service to pack and unpack my stuff!
  • Getting a cleaner to make sure the house is all nice and spotless when we move in
  • Hiring a locksmith to change all the locks to make sure no one else can gain entry to the house
  • Getting the air conditioner guy to install the air conditioner ready for the summer..

But let me be honest and upfront. Out of everything in my list, the one I think is the outmost top priority is organising a locksmith. I do get paranoid about making sure that only I have the keys to my house, not someone else! Imagine of the thought in your head wondering if someone else has the keys to your house, scary isn’t it?

So with that being said, that is exactly what I did. I searched for a locksmiths service company that is well known and trusted. The way I researched it was , obviously using the internet and also asking friends if they used any locksmiths in the local area and if they had any good experiences to share.

After hours of researching, I do have a bit of OCD! So when I research something, it normally does take that long! Let say if a friend recommended a service, I would still confirm by asking someone else and also find reviews on the net.

Anyways I finally found a reputable locksmith that I ended up going with. You’re probably asking me why is it I put organising the locksmith guy as the top priority? Well the most obvious reason is for security reasons. Security in my house to keep my family safe is the most important thing.

Anyways, to cut the story short – the guy that I ended up going with turned out to be really good. Imagine if he turned out dodgy? All the hours spent researching would go down the drain. He also told me the locks that he uses are top notch quality. Well, that’s good to know isn’t it? Of course it is!

He got the job done in relatively quick time. Well it isn’t  surprise when I saw him walking in with all that gear! He must of been very well equipped. Having all the right tools certainly help. So would I recommend this locksmith service to my friends and family? Yep you betcha!

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