Why my favorite room is the study room

We moved to a new house exactly three months ago today and I’m loving the feel and the positive vibe of our new home. When we were scouting for a house to move in permanently, (this is our ninth move, and most probably the last) we considered a lot of details like main entrance facing the East, an open kitchen counter, a bath tub in the masters’ bathroom, more closets in the girls’ bedroom, girls’ own bathroom, a powder room by the hallway, a porch instead of a balcony, a small garden where we can hold a barbecue party, and a study room.

The study room should be overlooking the garden. Thank God, we found a house that fulfilled our fancies, however, it didn’t have a bath tub in the masters’ bedroom. Nevertheless, I particularly loooove the study room. I guess I can say that it is my favorite room. We made sure that the study room would be a  conducive place to work in but not too comfortable to doze off in. It’s like a mini library/study/artwork area. I guess it was originally meant to be an extra room or a guest room but my husband and I agreed that it would be a study room.

We had shelves built in for our books and files, and a drawing board assembled for the girls who love to draw and paint. An easel stands in the corner next to the large window overlooking the garden. A desk stands in the middle of the room and underneath it is a natural hand braided jute rug. On top of the desk is my husband’s iMac, a blue bankers lamp, and a pen holder made out of an empty can which my daughters painted as a Father’s Day present for him when they were six years old. On the walls hang frames of pictures my husband took of us in our trips to beaches, camps, and different countries; and the girls’ paintings and drawings throughout the years. Our study room somehow contains all the things we love doing as a family. It’s the reason why it is my favorite room in the house.

Save The Hassle And Leave It To The Removalists

I’d like to think that I am hardworking and definitely not someone who slacks off. You know what I mean. Someone that likes to think they can do anything themselves. But in this post I wanted to show how something I thought was my strong point became my weakness. Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll briefly explain below. So keep on reading…

When I first moved into my house, I wanted to relocate all of my belongings myself. Yep, I didn’t need the help of an expert removalists at all. Crazy? Well not to me at that time because as I’ve mentioned in the first paragraph of this post that I’d like to think I can do everything myself. Another factor that made me choose the first option was the money I would of saved by doing things myself. Anyways, to cut the long story short – I tried moving and relocating everything from my old place to my new house. I wasn’t deterred at first because I own a flat tray ute. So I definitely thought I got the right transportation to do the job. Oh how I really underestimated the amount of work required to move houses! But I was determined, but everything fell apart a couple of hours into the job.

Things went smoothly in the first hour or so, but as soon I had to move my double door fridge – I realise I couldn’t do the job! Even after my brother helped out, we still couldn’t get it on the back of the ute. One, we didn’t have a suitable trolley to lift it. We’ve tried using our own strength but nearly broke our backs doing so! But luckily, before I injured myself in a serious way, something clicked in my head. Help! We need the experts to do this for us!

So there you go! I admit that I was wrong to think that I could do it myself. I was so so wrong. The moral of the story is not to let your ego get the better of you. Just admit to something that you are not good at. Absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Liquid Limestone Cools Down Hot Summer

If you’ve been following my blog, I’ve posted my call out to lockmiths. If you missed it you can see the post here. But just when I thought I’ve got everything sorted out, I forgot about the outdoor. What about my backyard? Should I get paving done? Should I plant some grass? So many questions to answer!

Even if I decided to have a grassed area (or two) what type of grass? Will it be a fake one or will it be a real one? If it’s real grass, will I actually have the patience to wait for it to grow? So many questions and I don’t have the answers for all of these questions. But one thing I’ve definitely came to realise is how hot the summer sun is in Perth. When I moved in, there was an existing paving at the front and back of the property. I found out just how hot the summer sun is when I decided to take a walk on the pavement at the front with no footwear. That’s right! Bare feet on pavement and oh my gosh, it was so hot! So hot that it made walking barefooted impossible. Then an idea clicked in my head..

Why not change the existing paving with something that is cool to walk on during the hot summer days? Brilliant hey! I know! The idea was good, but I don’t exactly know yet that you can actually get such products and whether materials like this exist. Nevertheless, I consulted with a friend of mine who was a well respected scientist. He told me about a liquid limestone service in Perth to me, which is the first time I’ve heard of that two words. I ain’t  a scientist but at the same time I am not a dummy! I knew it is some sort of limestone but why the word liquid?

One feature of liquid limestone that he told me was that it is cool to walk on without wearing any footwear. Sound like it’s too good to be true but I decided to give a shot. To cut the long story short, it is absolutely brilliant! Not only the natural limestone look was very appealing but it’s true what my friend said about how cool it is to walk on without any footwear. It’s still summer now but walking on these new pavings is a piece of cake.

Is it worth investing in these new pavers. All I can say is… absolutely!

First Day In The House – Calling All Locksmiths!

First day in the new house today. So as always there’s many things to do when you just moved in. I am the type who is very organised. I would have everything that’s need to be done in a list.. one by one. Call me crazy but that’s how I roll!

Here’s a short version of the list:

  • Getting a removal service to pack and unpack my stuff!
  • Getting a cleaner to make sure the house is all nice and spotless when we move in
  • Hiring a locksmith to change all the locks to make sure no one else can gain entry to the house
  • Getting the air conditioner guy to install the air conditioner ready for the summer..

But let me be honest and upfront. Out of everything in my list, the one I think is the outmost top priority is organising a locksmith. I do get paranoid about making sure that only I have the keys to my house, not someone else! Imagine of the thought in your head wondering if someone else has the keys to your house, scary isn’t it?

So with that being said, that is exactly what I did. I searched for a locksmiths service company that is well known and trusted. The way I researched it was , obviously using the internet and also asking friends if they used any locksmiths in the local area and if they had any good experiences to share.

After hours of researching, I do have a bit of OCD! So when I research something, it normally does take that long! Let say if a friend recommended a service, I would still confirm by asking someone else and also find reviews on the net.

Anyways I finally found a reputable locksmith that I ended up going with. You’re probably asking me why is it I put organising the locksmith guy as the top priority? Well the most obvious reason is for security reasons. Security in my house to keep my family safe is the most important thing.

Anyways, to cut the story short – the guy that I ended up going with turned out to be really good. Imagine if he turned out dodgy? All the hours spent researching would go down the drain. He also told me the locks that he uses are top notch quality. Well, that’s good to know isn’t it? Of course it is!

He got the job done in relatively quick time. Well it isn’t  surprise when I saw him walking in with all that gear! He must of been very well equipped. Having all the right tools certainly help. So would I recommend this locksmith service to my friends and family? Yep you betcha!